BelGAS Introduces Interactive Online Toolfor Specifying Pressure Regulators

BelGAS Regulator Sizing Wizard easily matches application and product

BelGAS, a global leader and originator in the design and manufacture of high- and low-pressure regulator products, is revolutionizing the way the energy industry sources pressure regulators. Its new interactive online tool makes it easier than ever to precisely match a regulator with a given application. The tool is called BelGAS Regulator Sizing Wizard and can be found at the company’s website.

The interface is easy and user-friendly. To find a regulator, simply fill in a few fields with information about the application. The Wizard takes the guesswork out of product specifying by generating a list of products that work within the set parameters. From there, users can further refine their search.

Information gathered by the BelGAS Regulator Sizing Wizard to generate a result includes minimum and maximum pressure in and out, and minimum and maximum flow. Users can also enter regulator type and connection type. The user provides the inputs for the calculation and is presented with a selection of matching BelGAS products. Once products have been identified, the user may select one or more product characteristic filters to further refine the list. The tool can also generate a PDF report of its results.

The core benefit of the Wizard is its ability to calculate result values based on application characteristics and process values. Results are used to identify one or more applicable product offerings with the defined characteristics. Products may be ranked based on price or fit. Users are also able to access additional information and spec sheets about each product, directly from the BelGAS Regulator Sizing Wizard.

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