BlueFloat Energy deploys a floating LiDAR for its “Winds of September” project

Deployed safely on 15/03/2023 at 11h00 CST.

BlueFloat Energy, a major offshore wind developer, announced that its ‘Winds of September’ project has taken a step further by successfully deploying a floating LiDAR in the waters off Hsinchu, Taiwan. This will enable the gathering of local metocean data, including wind, wave, and current, to inform the floater and mooring system design as well as to refine the wind resource assessment.

This floating LiDAR system is the Akrocean WINDSEA Stage 2 which has achieved the stage 2 of the offshore wind accelerator roadmap according to the criteria defined by Carbon Trust in the UK . It was deployed and put into operation for BlueFloat Energy’s ‘Winds of September’ project off the coast of Hsinchu, Taiwan, in March of this year.

Michael Pinkerton, Country Manager of BlueFloat Energy Taiwan, stated that “we are pleased to collaborate with Akrocean, a top service provider in marine meteorological data services, to gather the necessary metocean data for the development of our Winds of September project through the deployment of a floating LiDAR off the coast of Hsinchu.”

BlueFloat Energy announced its entry into the Taiwan market in 2022 with its plans for a 1.0 GW “Winds of September” offshore wind project in the waters off Hsinchu. In preparation for bidding on zonal development in Taiwan, BlueFloat Energy is conducting environmental impact assessments, engineering studies, and supply chain engagement. The planned wind farm is located approximately 25 kilometers offshore from Hsinchu city, with a water depth of 64-96 meters and an area of approximately 125 square kilometers.

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