CORTEC launches new NX1 choke design, offering remote operation and increased service life

CORTEC, a leading manufacturer of high-quality API valves, has successfully completed field testing for its new remotely operated NX1 model hydraulic choke, a design that increases service life during harsh flowback operations and allows easier field service by the end user.

The NX1 choke offers a compact, 2-inch, 1502 choke layout and is an ideal option to control pressure and flow rates for drilling applications via remote operations. With a lightweight design, the NX1 is easily adapted into existing manifolds and offers a range of union or flanged end connections.

Field tested and proven to increase service life when compared with other OEM choke options, the NX1 is rated up to 15,000 PSI CWP and has a 1-inch maximum orifice. During testing, the NX1’s internal trim components performed twice as long as other OEM brands. Additional features include both digital and local visual trim position indication and a wide range of hydraulic choke control console options.

Stephen Corte, vice president, CORTEC, said, “The NX1 is a field-proven hydraulic choke model designed to increase service life while providing a significant amount of cost savings and efficiencies during harsh drilling applications. We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers this unique, compact choke and control solution that requires minimal maintenance in the field.”

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