New era of full-face protection and visibility with Kemppi’s Zeta welding and grinding helmets

Leading international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has released its new Zeta range of welding and grinding helmets. The Zeta helmets set a new benchmark in full-face protection with a lightweight design and top-of-the-line visibility features. Designed for multifunctional use where the face and eyes need protection, the Zeta helmets provide an excellent work experience for welding, grinding, inspection and cutting processes.

With an emphasis on improved visibility and eye protection, the four models within the Zeta range
are equipped with the most advanced auto-darkening filter for welding or a wide visor for grinding, along with many other must-have features.

Greater visibility and advanced vision features
The Zeta welding helmets have a significantly large viewing area with the ADF filter. It measures 110mm in width and 60mm in height. The Zeta grinding helmets feature a large 200 mm high visor with a 180° horizontal view for greater visibility.

In addition, the Zeta ADF is an improved version with VISION+ technology increasing the quality of vision and work accuracy. The ADF DIN 2.5 light-state means you can enjoy sharp colours and visibility through the filter when the welding arc is inactive.

Lightweight helmets
The shell construction of the Zeta helmets is strong and robust but lightweight. This, together with the helmet’s well-balanced design, helps relieve the strain on the neck and shoulders.

Excellent balance aids comfort and work accuracy
The well-balanced, narrow-shaped design of the Zeta helmets, combined with the perfect weight distribution, offers extra comfort and endurance resulting into better work accuracy.

Integrated LED work lights
Both the Zeta G200X and Zeta W200x helmets feature integrated LED lights. The user can manually switch the LED lights off and on. Or they can select the automatic button which switches the lights off in bright conditions and then back on to help improve visibility and safety.

Conveniently designed battery pack
The battery pack is located on the neckband, which further improves the balance of the helmet. The battery pack is easy to charge using a USB charger, and you can check the power level by simply pushing the button outside the shell.

Smooth surface, improved hygiene
Designed and constructed with a smooth inner surface, the Zeta helmets are easy to clean which enables improved hygiene.

A choice of four models
Users can choose from 4 helmet models within the range. These include the:
> Zeta G200 grinding helmet
> Zeta G200x grinding helmet with integrated LED work lights
> Zeta W200 welding helmet with automatic darkening welding filter (ADF)
> Zeta W200x welding helmet with ADF and integrated LED work lights For more information on the new Kemppi Zeta helmets call Kemppi Australia.

Caption: Photo of Kemppi Zeta G grinding-Helmet

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