NSW Energy Saving Schemes: Encouraging Energy-Efficient Lighting Upgrades for Small and Large Businesses

As part of its long-term commitment to sustainable energy solutions, the NSW State Government encourages businesses and commercial enterprises across the state to upgrade older lighting to newer, more efficient LED lighting. To this end, it has implemented a series of rebates for eligible households and businesses through its Energy Saving Scheme (ESS). The NSW Small And Large Business Lighting Upgrades in particular encourage commercial energy consumers to install modern lighting technologies that conserve energy and reduce costs.
Small And Large Business Lighting Upgrades For Businesses And Commercial Entities
The small and large business lighting upgrades target inefficient and outdated lighting used in underground car parks, warehouses, small businesses, and commercial facilities. Accredited Certificate Provider, Efficient Energy Group (EEG) CEO Joshua Liptak says that “businesses with a daily kWh usage on their power bill of less than 273 kWh per day can qualify for a $33 co-payment LED upgrade under the HEER (Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit) scheme, which is part of the ESS. EEG will change out fluorescent lights and down lights to more efficient modern LEDs under this scheme.”
He added that those businesses using more than 273 kWh of electricity per day are classified as commercial lighting and, although they are required to make a more substantial co-payment, will still receive a sizeable rebate of up to 80% on their upgrade costs. Liptak says his company typically replaces “commercial fluorescent, high bay lights, floodlights, and down lights with LEDs in these businesses”.
Small And Large Business Lighting Upgrades For Underground Car Park Lighting
In addition to these lighting upgrade incentives, the NSW Government through its ACP partners like Efficient Energy Group is also encouraging underground car park owners to upgrade their lighting. As Liptak points out “upgrading your underground car park lighting not only makes your car park safer, it also reduces your power consumption. Currently, EEG can offer owners of underground car parks up to $10,000 in rebates courtesy of the NSW Government’s ESS scheme. The final rebate will depend on the number of fittings that need upgrading, and the type of new LEDs installed.”
Small And Large Business Lighting Upgrades For Warehouse Lighting
“Warehouses are another area being targeted by NSW government rebates because they are extremely expensive places to run with respect to lighting” Liptak continued “Again, Efficient Energy Group and the NSW State Government can help with up to $20,000 in rebates. We will upgrade your current warehouse lighting to LEDs, and your final rebate amount will depend on the size of the facility, and your chosen LEDs”.
Efficient Energy Group: A Trusted ACP And ESS Partner In Implementing Small And Large Business Lighting Upgrades
Efficient Energy Group is committed to delivering energy-efficient, cost-effective lighting solutions to NSW households and businesses. Through schemes like the ESS small and large business lighting upgrades, CEO Joshua Liptak says, “small and large business owners, and underground car park and warehouse owners, can reduce their power bills by up to 70% in some cases. Furthermore, modern LEDs not only produce better quality lighting but also last much longer, which represents another cost-saving for owners!”

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