Optime Subsea’s Electric Controls & Intervention Light System successful in first operation for Aker BP

Optime Subsea’s electric subsea controls and intervention light system (eSCILS) has successfully completed its first operation for Aker BP at the Alvheim field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The eSCILS was deployed during a completion operation for two production wells at the Alvheim field.

The eSCILS ordered by Aker BP were commissioned on the Odfjell Drilling rig Deepsea Nordkapp.  During three days, successful wet/sea tests with umbilical, ROV mode and other interfaces were performed.

“Aker BP is continuing to drive improvements in subsea operations. By going going from SCILS to eSCILS, we have taken further steps of enabling digital transformation, simplification, cost reduction and defining the future of subsea operations,” says Mads Rødsjø, VP drilling & wells operations in Aker BP.

The system was applied to the two dual multi-lateral wells Frog M-5 and Frog M-6, with interface to Aker Solutions’ subsea trees, at the Alvheim field. The system was in operation for about three weeks, carrying out two batch completions with a subsea jump between the two wells.

“Together with Aker BP we have achieved success on the first operation with eSCILS offshore. This is not just a successful first time operation, I believe that eSCILS will define a new standard for the subsea industry,” says Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO at Optime Subsea

Simplifying subsea

eSCILS is an upgrade of Optime Subsea’s original subsea control & intervention light system (SCILS). The new and improved eSCILS is umbilical less, powered with battery and communicates wirelessly, making it even easier to mobilize for operations. 

“Optime Subsea’s mission is to simplify subsea by inventing, developing and delivering unique equipment for the subsea market. We do this by focusing on technical complexity and inventing new environmentally friendly equipment. e-SCILS is easy to install, and the system comes in a unique design that is easy to operate and maintain,” concludes Ole Ivar Sørensen, Technical Manager at Optime Subsea.

eSCILS details:

  • Closed loop hydraulic system with dual seal test system
  • Electric interface with subsea batteries with a total effect of 42KWh
  • Fully redundant control system which is highly versatile and flexible
  • Normal transport requirements
  • Nearly universal to any XT

Image caption: an illustration of the eSCILS

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