CDP Commissioning Underway Following Successful Reactor Installation

Hazer Group Ltd announced that construction of the Company’s Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP) is complete and hot commissioning activities are underway.  The Company confirms that the CDP remains on schedule to commence start-up and full hot operation, producing hydrogen and graphitic carbon, in 2023.

The reactor has been successfully installed and piping connections to the reactor have been finalized marking completion of the construction phase of the CDP.  Completion of construction is a major milestone and was achieved in-line with the 2023 schedule and significantly de-risks the start-up phase enabling the demonstration of the Hazer process at commercial scale.

Commissioning activities are now underway and involve progressively starting up each of the plant systems in preparation for hydrogen and graphite production.  With a substantial portion of the plant already commissioned and operational, hot commissioning is scheduled to be completed during December.  The plant will then be phased into start-up with the introduction of feed gas and subsequent first hydrogen and graphitic carbon production anticipated late December / early Q1 2024.   As part of the site risk management plan, the plant will not be operating during the Christmas and new year period.  Details of the CDP performance testing program will be provided at start-up and will focus on demonstrating commercial scale performance and reactor design.

Successful installation of the reactor at the CDP

Hazer’s MD & CEO Glenn Corrie said: “We are excited to reach this major milestone where all construction works are complete, and start-up is in sight.  An outstanding achievement by the Hazer team and supporting stakeholders overcoming the supply chain challenges of 2022 with robust planning, project management and a can-do attitude.  Our focus for the remainder of the year is bringing our CDP into operation validating the commercial viability of our game changing technology.  2024 is shaping up to be a transformational year as we build on the momentum of having our CDP on-line and strengthening demand for our technology.”

Top Image caption: Reactor, furnace, heat exchangers and high temperature piping ready for commissioning at the CDP.                              

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