Queensland Government Empowers Businesses with Energy Efficiency: Launches QBEST Program Offering Up to $12,500 in Rebates

The Queensland state government has launched its latest round of initiatives designed to promote sustainable energy use in Queensland businesses. In unveiling the Queensland Business Energy Saving and Transformation (QBEST) Rebate scheme, the state government aims to empower small and medium-sized businesses across Queensland to become more energy efficient by providing substantial rebates of up to $12,500 for adopting energy-efficient measures.


The QBEST Rebate scheme is a collaborative effort by the Queensland government to encourage small and medium-sized businesses in that state to take up energy-efficient technologies and practices. Efficient Energy Group (EEG) CEO Josh Liptak says the “goal of the programme is to have businesses contribute to environmental sustainability whilst also enjoying the benefits of long-term cost savings.” He added that by “recognising businesses have a significant role to play in the overall energy use landscape, the program can make a significant impact on reducing carbon footprints across Queensland, and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.”

Efficient Energy Group Committed To QBEST Initiatives

As a leading energy-saving solutions company, EEG is “committed to helping Queensland businesses achieve substantial cost savings by delivering energy efficient, environmentally sustainable lighting, air conditioning, and hot water solutions”. Says Liptak “To this end, our company is dedicated to educating customers about the many government incentives available for energy-saving upgrades via the QBEST Rebate scheme.”
He added, “Even just replacing old lighting with modern LEDs can save Qld businesses a lot of money on their power bill because these lights are 60% more efficient than traditional lighting.”

Key Highlights Of The QBEST Rebate Scheme

The QBEST Rebate scheme will reimburse eligible businesses 50% of spend on eligible equipment upgrades costing between $8,000 and $25,000 i.e. the available rebates range from $4,000 to $12,500. However, there are quite stringent eligibility requirements so Liptak recommends contacting a company like EEG to ascertain whether your business is eligible.
Eligible energy-efficient upgrades and solutions under QBEST include lighting retrofits, HVAC system improvements, and energy-efficient equipment installations and upgrades.

Claiming A QBEST Rebate

Liptak advises that the rebate is not open-ended. He notes, “the current round will end on 30th June 2025 or when funding runs out, whichever happens first. Eligible Queensland businesses should get organised quickly, determine what eligible business equipment, fittings, and appliances they need to upgrade, and get the process underway. They will need to have purchased, installed, and paid for everything before they will be reimbursed. EEG can help with this process.”

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